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Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori (R.A.) has stated the summary of the Qur’an is three things:   1. To worship the creator – Allah (الله), 2. Obidence to Rasulullah (PBUH), 3. To serve the creation.    


The dervishes come from the Mevlevi Sufi Order (Tariqa).  This order is from Konya, the central Anatolia region of Turkey. This order was started by Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi-Rumi. In the west he is better known as just simply “Rumi”. He was a 13th century Persian Poet who is famous primarily for his poetry. Dervishes are famous for their whirling. Which is part of what is called Sama (سَمَاع) – the Sufi ceremony. Whirling done by the dervishes is active meditation. It is not merely meditation though.

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