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There was a terrorist attack at a bus station in Jakarta, Indonesia. Reports are two terrorists exploded a bomb killing 3 Police officers and injuring at least 10 others. “TWO suspected suicide bombers killed three Indonesian police officers and injured 10 people on Wednesday night in twin blasts near a bus station in the eastern part of the capital, police said.” – AC “Indonesia’s anti-terrorism unit raided the home of a suspected suicide bomber on Thursday as authorities linked attacks


There was a terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena; Manchester, England. Reports are the terrorist exploded a bomb he was carrying into the Arena. Estimates are 22 have been killed and 59 injured. “The attacker, I can confirm, died at the arena. We believe the attacker was carrying an improvised explosive device, which he detonated, causing this atrocity,” said Chief Constable Ian Hopkins. – CNN “Twenty-two people, including children, have been killed and 59 injured in a suicide attack at

Articles of Faith

Six essential beliefs. Requirements for being a Muslim. Belief in One-God (الله). Belief in Angels. Belief in the Holy books (Taurat, Gospel, and Quran). Belief in the prophets (Adam – Muhammad) Belief in the Day of Judgement. Belief in God predestination.

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